YepText Releases New Version With MMS Features

MMS messaging by YepText

YepText, the world’s first and only “stupid simple text messaging service” has released a new update that adds MMS features, making text message marketing even simpler and more efficient. Now clients can send and receive photos and videos in their messages, allowing them to engage better with their subscribers.

How YepText Helps Businesses Engage With Customers

YepText was created to help individuals and businesses stay in touch with their customers and followers with text messaging. While almost all mobile phones have text messaging capacity, this feature wasn’t created with businesses in mind. YepText makes it possible for clients to build subscriber lists, similar to the way many businesses build email lists.

Because mobile devices have gotten so popular, more businesses are seeking ways to reach their customers via text message. There are currently more than 200 million mobile phone users in the United States. Texts are also the fastest and most reliable way to reach people. While email response rates are only around 20%, 97% of text messages are read. Recipients usually read text messages within minutes of receiving them. People usually carry their mobile phones everywhere, making it the ideal way to contact them.

YepText is a flexible, permission-based system that’s designed mainly for small businesses whose owners have limited budgets and aren’t necessarily tech-savvy. Features include:

  •     Plans start at $9/month, the cheapest in the industry.
  •     Instant access to shortcodes, which allow customers to subscribe to lists and receive offers.
  •     Messages are sent extremely fast for maximum engagement and responses.
  •     No contracts or commitments.
  •     Comprehensive customer support.

New YepText Features

The latest version of YepText adds new functions to the application. These reflect recent advances in mobile technology and people’s increasing demand for visual content. YepText partner and CEO Kalin Kassabov says,

“The new update to YepText adds powerful new MMS features that lets clients send and receive photos and videos. Today’s mobile phone users love visual content. Now business can send images of new products. A real estate agent can send videos of properties to prospective buyers. An event planner can send photos of a venue or video footage of featured performers. There are countless ways that businesses and other clients can engage with their mobile subscribers.”

Some of the ways that clients use YepText include:

  •     Texting customers about specials. With YepText, businesses can send out messages to their entire list at once. For example, a business can send out text coupons that customers can redeem at the store.

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